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Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

Typical morocco | Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

Chefchaouen is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque places you will ever visit. Because many visitors to Morocco’s Blue Pearl only stay for two days and one night in Blue city . We’re providing the greatest photo places with you so you don’t waste time browsing for Insta-famous locales!

Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

City of Chefchaouen is currently renowned as Morocco’s “Blue Pearl,” thanks to its distinctive blue and white buildings. Residents in the northern area also refer to the city as “Chaouen.”

Morocco’s blue city, is a really magical vacation. It’s well worth visiting on your vacation to Morocco, whether you remain in town and stroll through its paint periwinkle lanes or walk to its waterfall or the viewpoint over the skyline.
A tiny city in Morocco’s northwestern Rif highlands. Because of its blue-wash streets and houses, this quaint village is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen in Morocco. That is why it was  “the Blue Pearl of Morocco.”

List of Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco | Blue City

1 - Blue Street

Blue street - Top 6 Instagram Spots in Blue City Chefchaouen Morocco

2 - Paid Set (private backyard)

Private set - Top 6 Instagram Spots In Blue City Chefchaouen Morocco​

3 - Colorful Steps

Colorful Steps - Top 6 Instagram Spots In Blue City Chefchaouen Morocco​

4 - Steps with the Pots

Steps with the Pots - Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

5 - Any door in the city

Chefchaouen - Any door in the city

6 - Literally everywhere

Blue city Chefchaouen, Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

Travel Tips | Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

The Rif, commonly known as the Rif Mountains, is a geographical area in northern Morocco. This rugge and rich region is on the west by Cape Spartel and Tangier, on the east by Berkane and the Moulouya River, on the north by the Mediterranean, and on the south by the Ouergha River. Rif is Morocco’s northernmost mountain range. From the region’s most popular tourist town, Chefchaouen, with its pastel blue medina, there are some fantastic treks to be taken. Tetouan, another Rif outpost, contains some beautiful Spanish colonial buildings.

Berbers | 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

Berbers have live in the Rif since prehistoric times. As early as the 11th century BCE, the Phoenicians began to establish trading posts with the approval or partnership of the local Berbers and began interbreeding, resulting in the establishment of a Punic language on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, and founding cities such as Tetouan, Rusadir (now Melilla), and Tingi in the 5th century BCE (now Tangier)

Geography of The Rif Mountains | Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

The Rif Mountains are part of the Gibraltar Arc or Alborán Sea geological area. They are an extension of the Baetic System, which encompasses the southern Iberian Peninsula’s mountains across the strait. As a result, the Rif Mountains are not including in the Atlas Mountain System.

Nador, Tangier, Tetouan, Al Hoceima (also known as Villa), Imzouren, Driouch, Ben Taieb, Midar, Al Aaroui, and a few (small) villages Segangan, Selwan, Ajdir, Targuist (Targist), and the autonomous city of Spain Melilla are among the major cities in the larger Rif area.

Name of Chefchaouen | Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

Name “Chefchaouen” derives from the Tarifit or Tamazigh words isakon or echaouen, which mean “the horns,” and chef, which means “look at.” Therefore translates as “look at the horns,” referring to the two mountain peaks that overlook the region. It is currently renowned as Morocco’s “Blue Pearl,” thanks to its distinctive blue and white buildings.

Chefchaouen Culture | Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

This City has significant commercial links with the Jbala Region’s population, including the Akhmas, Ghomara, Ghazaoua, and Sanhaja. Due of their continuous conflicts to gain ownership of assets like as water supplies, grazing regions, and rich land, the federations of these groups were both a source of strength and a source of weakness.

A traditional dwellings were composed of stone, brick, tile, wood, soil, and lime. Each home has a central open yard surrounded by passageways and bedrooms. Fruit trees such as oranges, lemons, berries, and grapes are commonly using to beautify yards, as are fragrant shrubs such as night-blooming jessamine (Cestrum nocturnum) and jasmine (Jasminum officinale). 

 This city’s physiognomy is influence by Andalusian architecture, such as the curving brick archways that reinforce the homes and embellish the small blue lanes, the ancient water network, and the landscaping and maintenance of plants inside houses and mosques. Many Chefchaouen families have preserved the tradition of Andalusian music, which has become the primary ritual of Chefchaouen religious festivals.

Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

Rural environment was distinguish by a spatial distribution base on intra- and intertribal interactions. Houses are  around a mosque or a marabou at the level of each dshar (low-density rural hamlet) and occupy the heart of the concentric spatial structure of traditional agro-sylvo-pastoral systems. This geographical distribution of dshars is closely related to arable land and water resource availability, with shifting agriculture confine to a diffuse band of matorral shrubland and pasture that marks the transition to forests.

Chefchaouen Medina | Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

Medina is one of the most prominent historical areas in the city, with blue and white paint dominating the walls and homes and streets so small that automobiles cannot pass, creating a tranquil and calm ambiance. 

The “Kasbah” was the town’s earliest nucleus. Chefchaouen’s earliest nucleus was the Kasbah. it was one of the earliest buildings in the city to be built in the Andalusian style. It houses the emir’s residence, a tiny mosque for him, a jail, a garden, a horse stable, animal shelters, and hundreds of towers. Until its conquest by the Spanish in 1920, An important role as a home of Makhzen (i.e. authoritarian powers).

Kasbah | Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

This kasbah  constructed using robust and long-lasting local raw materials like limestone, with multiple layers of firm rammed earth. The sides of the doors and arches were built with fired red bricks. The roofs, which were tiled in red tiles, were made of local cedar, fir, juniper, and other woods.  A view of the Outae Hammam yard.

Places | Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

Outae Hammam is the largest courtyard in the ancient Medina. Its name is derived from outae, which means “low ground or yard,” and hammam, which refers to the presence of the town’s first hammam (ancient public bath). Its design is reminiscent of the public yards of Granada and Cordoba in Andalusia. While it was traditionally a crossroads, its purpose has shifted to that of a tourist attraction surrounded by cafés and restaurants.

Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

Souiqah neighborhood is the city’s second-oldest residential agglomeration, and it has the homes of old Andalusian families as well as a considerable number of stores and booths selling local items.
Small stores and kiosks provide traditional handicraft like as colorful porcelain kitchenware, fabrics and apparel, leatherware, and numerous souvenirs in the typical souk (bazaar, marketplace). The weekly market serve as a venue for building social relationships between city dwellers and their rural surroundings.

Natural Area in Chefchaouen | Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

Ras Al-Maa (mountainous spring of water) is the population’s primary source of water. Rivulets branch out from the Ras Al-Maa to supply mosques, residences, zaouias, hammams, fountains, hotels, farms, and gardens. Near these rivulets, there are several water mills for grinding grain and olives. Women have historically gathered along the river’s banks to chat while washing clothing and blankets. Tourists regularly visit the river.

The Chefchaouen Mountains are part of the Rif mountain range and the site of guide trips. They are distinguish by a diverse vegetation, including forests of cork oak, green oak, native Moroccan fir, and Atlas cedar.

climate | Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

The climate of Chefchaouen is Mediterranean, with wet and chilly winters from October to April and dry and scorching summers from May to September. Average annual rainfall is around 880 mm (35 in), which varies according to height and closeness to shore. (With snowfall on the high tops, annual rainfall might reach 1,400-2,000 mm.) Similarly, the Mediterranean Sea, height, and winds continue to impact the temperature, with the mean annual temperature hovering around 16.6 °C (61.9 °F).

Why Chefchaouen is painted blue? | Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

Chefchaouen, or chaouen,  in the 15th century (early 1400s), although it wasn’t paint blue until the 1900s. As the Second World War began, Morocco had a massive migration of Jews. For Jews, blue signifies the sky, which remind them of heaven and God.

its renowned as Morocco’s “Blue Pearl” because to its beautiful blue residences and streets. People have been wondering why Jewish immigrants paint their homes blue for years. This mystery is what gives the city its allure and makes it a long-standing popular tourist destination.

a Lovely Place | Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

Chefchaouen is a charming city in Northern Morocco and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Rif Mountains. This town is noted for its blue mansions, which are artistically decorated with blue-hued ornamentation and are a popular historical tourism attraction. People have been wondering for years why the houses and streets were painted such a vivid color.

Morocco’s “Blue Pearl,” is a city located in the Atlas Mountains’ foothills, 600 meters above sea level. It is an old city that goes back to the 11th century and is thought to be of Israelite origin. People have been wondering why Jews paint their dwellings blue for years.

Spanish Mosque | Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

In the 1920s by the Spanish but was never utilize. It fell into disrepair and is now close, but the lawns in front are a great site to take in the blue city and watch the sun set behind the green hills while sipping freshly squeezed orange juice.

Travel Guide Morocco | Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

Morocco is one of the most popular and beautiful destinations for travellers. Its gorgeous landscapes and Alluring historical sites make a trip to this country one of the most memorable experiences you will have. 

 Country of Morocco is perfectly situated for tourists looking to explore the country. The diverse cultures, the beautiful and pristine landscapes, and the intoxicating atmosphere of different markets throughout the country means that you will see everything right around you. it offers the best of Morocco and is an adventure for everyone. Get to know the local culture, experience the country’s diverse landscapes and diverse cities, enjoy sunny weather and sightseeing, feast on savoury food, and have fun with family or friends.

Explore Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco | Blue City in Morocco

Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

  1.  Blue Street
  2. The Paid Set (private backyard)
  3.  Colorful Steps
  4.  Steps with the Pots
  5. Any door in the city
  6. Literally everywhere

Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

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Morocco| Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

Chefchaouen, Morocco’s blue city, is a fairytale getaway. The walls are a vivid blue, and the streets are pack with friendly people who frequently stop to talk with you as you go through. It’s simple to see why this area has grown so popular: it’s a joyful place where everyone appears to be happy and comfortable.

The nicest thing about Chefchaouen is that it is unlike any other city in Morocco. Colors use to paint the walls of this hamlet are bright and joyful while remaining respectful of the arid atmosphere. Structures are compose of sandstone and clay, which helps them fit into the terrain without standing out.

Tips| Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

There is no better time than today to visit Chefchaouen if you haven’t already. This charming Moroccan city is a breathtaking location that provides visitors with joy and satisfaction. Chefchaouen is a city in northern Morocco that overlooks the Rif Mountains.

Streets are a beautiful blue, and the entire city appears to shimmer in the sunlight. The casual attitude in this town relaxes visitors, and they frequently stop to converse with one another on the streets. 

Blue City | Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

Blue Chefchaouen surely makes an impact that lasts long after its guests depart, from busy marketplaces packed with food vendors to local restaurants where families congregate to eat excellent Moroccan cuisine created with fresh ingredients.

City of Chefchaouen is more than a gorgeous face; it is brimming with attractions. It has a lengthy history. Undeniable Medina, with its famed small twisting lanes, allows visitors to mix with the residents while smelling and tasting treats ranging from freshly baking bread to beautifully cooking tagines.

There’s also the Kasbah, which lies in the middle of the historic area and boasts verdant gardens that provide a breath of fresh air in the midst of the city. Its museum is a must-see, with a collection of historic weaponry, city pictures, and textiles.

Explore Morocco| Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

A walker’s heaven because to its unusual geographical position. Hiking options abound in the neighboring mountains’ pathways. You’ll see a different side of Morocco when you stroll across the Rif mountain range.

Make the most of your visit to the picturesque Blue City!

Travel Tips | Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

Northern Morocco, is a lively city with views of the Rif Mountains. Winding passageways and colorful paintings on houses adorn this beautiful city. It is also known for its vibrant souks, which are markets where you can buy anything from spices to souvenirs to garments.

The town has an interesting history as well. According to folklore, Chefchaouen was built by Granada exiles who  after being  from their homeland by Ferdinand II of Spain (1452-1516) These refugees  their huts at El Djoum, where they could relax and protect themselves from the elements until they could safely return home.

Travel Guide in Morocco | Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco

Morocco is an excellent year-round tourism destination, and Chefchaouen is one of the country’s most attractive cities. It’s a fantastic site to come at any time of year. So, what are you still waiting for? Pack your belongings and reserve a flight. We will be delighted to make your fantasy vacation a reality. When you’re ready to visit Morocco, we have the perfect itinerary for you! Here are some of our favorite sites to visit in this lovely nation.

Top 6 Instagram Spots in Chefchaouen Morocco