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Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez

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Sahara | Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez | 3 Days 2 Nights


The  Desert Tour From Marrakech to Fez 3 Days is one of the most popular desert routes between Marrakech and the two imperial capitals.
The magnificent private 3 Days Sand Tours from Marrakech to Merzouga visit the High Atlas Mountains, the Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah, Ouarzazate, and the stunning Rose Valley, Dades Valley, and Todra Gorges. It also includes a camel ride and an overnight stay in a luxury tent in Merzouga desert dunes

Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez 3 Days


3 Days / 2 Nights


Daily Tour


From Marrakech

Trip Highlights

The Best Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez 3 Days

Tour Itinerary | DAY 1
Traveling from Marrakech to the Dadès valley through the Tizi n’Tichka pass in the High Atlas will allow you to pause and take in the stunning scenery, Berber hamlets, and the chance to explore the UNESCO-designated Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou. This Berber kasbah was one of the most significant bastions . It has also been used as a very important location for international filmmakers for more than 20 films. After passing through Ouarzazate, often known as the “Hollywood of Africa” due to its popularity as a filming location. reach “the valley of 1000 Kasbahs” in Dades Valley, where you may spend a wonderful Night.
Tour Itinerary | DAY 2
Leave the Dades Gorges after breakfast and go to Erg Chebbi in the Merzouga region of the Sahara Desert. Berber villages can be found sporadically along the route, passing through Tinjdad, Jorf, and Erfoud, where you will see the start of the Saharan oasis of Tafilalet. Continuing on to Merzouga, you start your camel ride adventure in the sand dunes after taking a mint and relaxing for a short while. Once at the camp, you can go to a high dune to see the sunset, a great photo opportunity. A magnificent supper will be served to you in the midst of the Sahara beneath the stars with music and song as you spend the night in a fully furnished nomadic Berber tent.
Tour Itinerary | DAY 3
To take advantage of the great photo opportunity, you will be woken before dawn. Then, before departing for Fez, we’ll return to the hotel for a brief shower and breakfast. We will travel through Erfoud, Errachidia, the Ziz Valley, Midelt (where the driver will stop for lunch if you’re hungry; if not, lunch will be provided on the road), continue on the road, stop to take pictures of the cedar forests and monkey troupes of Azrou, and then make another stop in Ifrane to take pictures and enjoy Ifrane’s beauty. Once you get to Fez, continue driving, and a driver will take you back to your riad or hotel.
Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez 3 Days
Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez 3 Days
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Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez 3 Days

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Ait Ben Haddou
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4 Days Trip From Marrakech To Desert

Sahara Merzouga | Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez

You see it in the movies: driving across sand dunes as your guide discusses the desert’s history. These visits, however, are more than just a visit to a lovely countryside in Morocco. They are an excursion through authentic Morocco and its intriguing culture: Mountain climbs and tea breaks with exquisite home-cooked Moroccan food await you in a region where it is always warm.

Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez | Guides & tips

Typical Morocco provides personalized desert adventures in Morocco’s dunes and highlands. For day trips or overnight excursions in the Sahara Desert, we offer the best guides, cars, and drivers. The most noticeable distinction is the personal attention, local knowledge, and excellent accommodations that are included in all tours.

Desert Morocco | Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez

Merzouga is a small village in Morocco’s desert, near the Sahara Desert. This town is the starting point for camel safaris and trips into the Sahara Desert.
Only nomads used to live in this area. It is currently one of the most famous tourist destinations in Morocco. Sandboarding, quad bike excursions, and camel rides are just a few of the exciting activities accessible in the desert. Merzouga is one of the most well-known sites in the Sahara Desert, which is one of the world’s largest.
The Moroccan town is around two hours from Erfoud in the country’s southeast.

Sahara Camel trek | Sand Dunes | Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez

Some travelers travel to Morocco only to see the Sahara Desert. The world’s largest searing desert, the Sahara Desert, is a magnificent natural wonder. Morocco may be the easiest way to get into this sand sea. To view them, travel east of the High Atlas spine to the farthest eastern desert region near the Algerian border. Erg Chebbi is the most well-known location for its massive and undulating sand dunes.
This is ideal for dune-surfing, four-wheel-drive dune-bashing, and sunrise and sunset camel treks, which are commonly combined with an overnight stay in a tented desert camp right in the middle of the dune field.
Sitting in the midst of sand dune splendor, gazing up into the star-studded Sahara sky.

Moroccan Sahara | Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez

Many consider the Sahara Desert, located in the heart of Morocco, to be one of the most beautiful and different areas on the world.
This desert is located in the hamlet of Merzouga, which is roughly 9 hours from Marrakech and 11 hours from Casablanca.
Merzouga’s Sahara Desert is known for having the largest sand dunes in Africa. Merzouga is derived from the Berber language and means “Land of God.”
Tourists visit this location to see Morocco’s breathtaking sunsets and to immerse themselves in real Berber culture.

Merzouga Sahara Desert | Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez

The Merzouga Sahara Desert is one of Morocco’s most beautiful places, and if you’re fortunate enough to visit, there are a few things you can do to make your trip as memorable as possible.

The best time to visit this desert is during the dry season, which lasts from November to February. Temperatures are gentler and more pleasant for both visitors and inhabitants during these months.

When visiting this place, you should also consider what kind of experience you want. If you want a more spiritual experience, attend during Ramadan.

Fez Morocco | Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez

Fes is a northern Moroccan city renowned as the country’s cultural center. It is most known for its walled medina of Fes El Bali, which has medieval Marinid architecture, busy souks, and an old-world air. In the medina, religious schools like as the 14th-century Bou Inania and Al Attarine, both adorned with superb cedar carvings and excellent tile work, may be found. The medina of Fez is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the world’s oldest urban pedestrian zone (car-free area). It is home to the University of Al-Qarawiyyin, which was founded in 857 and is said to be the world’s oldest continuously running establishment of higher learning.

Morocco | Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez

Traveling across Morocco’s gorgeous desert from Fes to Merzouga Desert and ending in Marrakech is an excellent opportunity to learn about the country’s culture, history, and natural beauty. The adventure begins in Fes, Morocco’s capital, where you will be met by hospitable residents dressed in traditional Moroccan attire. From here, we’ll drive through lush green countryside to the stunning Merzouga Desert. The trip is breathtaking as we travel past towns, villages, and tiny townships. After arriving to our destination, we will be treated with an authentic Berber campfire meal, which will be the perfect finale to this incredible adventure!

Adventures in Dades Valley | Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez

Dades Valley is a haven of fresh air and surprising scenery, overflowing with warm-hearted people. This Valley offers wonderful adventures in store for you, whether you’re a leisure visitor or an adrenaline junkie! The Oued Dades (River), which originates in the High Atlas Mountains, has sculpted some of Morocco’s most beautiful valleys. Hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing are all possibilities! The valley’s centre is a haven of pure air and breathtaking views, filled by kind and welcoming people. Explore the Dades Valley in the spring, when the valley is teeming with animals. Escape to an almond, argan, palm, poplar, and walnut-filled garden.

Explore Dades Valley | Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez

The Dades Valley, which spans from the High Atlas Mountains to the rocky Jbel Saghro in the south, is dotted with oasis, palm groves, and spectacular kasbahs. The Dades River, which flows from the High Atlas Mountains into Morocco’s largest river, the “Draa River,” makes the valley lush and beautiful. On the valley floor, the Dades’ waters support a variety of almond, fig, walnut, and birch trees, providing a magnificent contrast to the earthen-colored stone formations rising from the valley bottom. Blog about Morocco Travel

To Dades Valley Morocco| Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez

The bulk of tourists to the Dades Valley come to see the tight zig-zags that ascend rapidly from the valley bottom to the top. For the greatest perspective of the valley fading in front of you as the road snakes its way down, go a little past Cafe Timzillite. The slow-paced country life here, with the snowcapped peaks of the High Atlas in the distance, is the ideal antidote to the souks of Marrakech and Fez.

Typical Morocco | Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez

Typical Morocco provides personalized desert adventures in Morocco’s dunes and highlands. For day trips or overnight excursions in the Sahara Desert, we offer the best guides, cars, and drivers. The most noticeable distinction is the personal attention, local knowledge, and excellent accommodations that are included in all tours.

Travel in Morocco | Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez

Morocco is a country on North Africa’s southern coast known for its spectacular souks, stunning desert, and lively city of Marrakech. Morocco is brimming with history, art, culture, and adventure. In this Morocco journey, we accompany you from the Atlantic to the Western Sahara Desert. It is a dream trip in the making when you have a kind, competent travel professional by your side. A destination with so much to learn and so much to explore! Morocco is a one-of-a-kind destination for real culture and experiences, as well as magnificent landscapes and desert dunes. These are the reasons why Morocco is one of the world’s most visited nations.

Todgha Valley | Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez

Todra Valley is a site of natural beauty and historical value in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. It’s one of several gorgeous spots in Tinghir Province, which has some of the most breathtaking vistas in the country.

The Todgha Valley is a hilly valley next to the Anti-Atlas range, which also includes the Ourika Valley.

The Valley of Todgha| Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez

This Valley extends from the settlement of Todgha (its namesake) in the north to Midelt in the south. It is well-known for its rich history—it was once a shelter for outlaws and criminals hiding out in the mountains, as well as an important halt on the caravan route between Marrakech and Sijilmasa—but it is also well-known for its natural beauty. The scenery is breathtaking, with snow-capped peaks and lush valleys.

Tinghir | Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez

Explore the west side to find a secret realm behind the palm canopy. Olives, figs, almonds, and alfalfa flourish in the lush valley soil under the dark cover of the palm trees. The rebuilt ksar is stunning, but it is the numerous collapsing kasbahs that draw people in. The Monday souk is a lively market and the greatest location to buy artisan ceramics in Morocco.

Travel Guide | Todgha Gorges | Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez

The Todgha Gorge is breathtaking, rising approximately 200 meters tall and barely 10 meters wide at its narrowest point. Climbing the gigantic rock wall that mysteriously changes color as the sun sets is one of the most captivating things to do in Morocco. Despite the fact that tourism-related businesses at the gorge’s bottom have contaminated the experience, there are still plenty of reasons to visit this area.

Todgha Valley is a Moroccan canyon. It is part of Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains and is located in the Draa-Tafilalt area. The valley is named for the river that passes through it, also known as Todgha.
The valley has been inhabited since prehistoric times and was historically utilized as grazing ground for nomadic Berbers.
Tourists interested in experiencing authentic Berber culture and food flock to the valley.

Todgha Valley | Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez

Morocco’s Todgha Valley is best visited between March and September.
The valley is flooded in wildflowers during this time of year, including andromedas, poppies, and orchids. It’s also the time of year when you can see the stunning white snow-capped Atlas Mountains from your hotel room, providing the ideal background for photographs with friends and family.
The highlight is a spectacular half-day trek around the gorge. The trail follows the canyon walls’ backside and passes nomad camps. It takes around 4 hours, and the view changes frequently and is breathtaking.

Travel Planner | Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez

Tours From Marrakech Our Private Trip packages are designed to make it easy for you to schedule all of your travel services. Do you want to bundle your flight, hotel, and local transportation? Or only lodging and local transportation? Or are you simply seeking local transportation with a private driver or tour guide to convey you and your loved ones? Whatever your travel requirements are, we have the ideal vacation package for you.

About Typical Morocco | Desert Tour From Marrakech To Fez

Morocco is unique because of its unique culture. Additionally, it is a place where diversity is accepted.

Morocco is a country rich in art and history, and it has historically been home to a variety of peoples, including Berbers, Phoenicians, Arabs, South Africans (Sub-Saharan), Spanish-Andalusians (both Muslim and Jewish), and Romans. However, the majority of Moroccans are Berbers and Arabs by ethnicity, and at least one-third of the country’s population speaks the Amazigh language.