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Morocco Travel Blog by Typical Morocco; Discover Morocco’s culinary heritage, vibrant cafe culture, and glorious coastline. Explore a land of desert dunes, shimmering beaches, magnificent mosques, and bustling souks. Experience the delights of Mediterranean Spain and Sub-Saharan Africa in this magical blend of influences that makes it the perfect stepping stone between the delights of both regions. Travel Guide , Morocco Travel Blog

From the medieval alleyways of Marrakech to its sandy coast, Morocco has something to offer everyone. Experience a magical mix of influences in this exciting  destination that spans across continents, blending Mediterranean Spain with Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Traveling to Morocco is a profound experience. Starting at Marrakech, you’ll travel through the spectacular high Atlas Mountains. Fez, you’ll be welcomed into a magnificent Medina and its rich history. Typical Morocco can offer you a variety of Tours for Example if you are located in Marrakech you will have a chance the take the 3 days Desert Tour From Marrakech or  Day Trips such as Essaouira Day Trip, Ouirka and Setti Fatma Day Trip or a day trip to the Atlas mountains Imlil. also, you can have an activity in Marrakech as Hot Air Ballon in Marrakech or a Tour of Marrakech Medina….

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Morocco is a kingdom on the southern coast of North Africa and it’s famous for its incredible souks, magical desert and bustling city calling Marrakech. It is full of history, art, culture and adventure. We travel with you from the Atlantic to the Western Sahara Desert in this trip to Morocco.
With a friendly, knowledgeable travel expert at your side, Morocco is like a dream trip in the making. A place with so much to explore and so much left for you to discover!
A unique place to experience authentic culture and experiences, beautiful scenery and desert dunes. Those are the reasons why Morocco is one of the most visit countries in the world.

Morocco Travel Blog | Marrakech

Marrakech is the best city in the world for relocation by Conde Nast Traveler, to its list of “The World’s Most Liveable Cities”. The city is known for its rich history and UNESCO heritage sites, as well as beautiful gardens, wide rivers, and colonial architecture. Marrakech is the perfect choice for you if you are interested in the history, culture, and beauty of the Arab lifestyle. Marrakech was voted as

Morocco Travel Blog | Sahara Desert Morocco

You see it in the movies — driving over sand dunes as your guide explains the history of the desert. But in Morocco, these trips are more than just a visit to a beautiful landscape. They’re an adventure through real Morocco and into its  culture: In a land where it’s always warm, you’ll experience mountain hikes and tea breaks with delicious home-cooked Moroccan food.

Morocco Travel Blog | Desert Tour with Typical Morocco

Typical Morocco offers private desert excursions in the dunes and mountains of Morocco. We have the best guides, vehicles, and drivers for your day trip or overnight excursions through the Sahara Desert. The biggest difference is the personal attention, local insights, and superb accommodation that goes into all trips.

Morocco Travel Blog | Chefchaouen The blue city

A feast for the eyes, the Blue City is a place that must be experience. Locate in the heart of the Tangier-Tetouan land, its walls are wrought with blue tiles, replete with a mixture of key architectural styles and tile-work

This stunning Moroccan city in the Rif Mountains was originally built as a fortress in the 15th century. The mountains tower over Chefchaouen, its tiled roofs dotting the skies and its narrow winding streets drap with fruit trees and secret passageways. Its past is steeped in legend and legend is thick on its present-day streets.

Morocco Travel Blog | Essaouira Mogador

Essaouira is a small, picturesque city on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. Before visiting Essaouira, decide what you want to see and do during your stay. Find out where to stay and where to eat in this guide to Essaouira. Take a day trip to one of the beaches or visit an association of Berber women producing argan oil.

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Enjoy a day trip to Essaouira, the Medina, the beach and visit an association of Berber women producing argan oil. The Association of Argan Oil Women is a non-profit organization that conducts its activities within the community of Essaouira in order to preserve tradition and promote use of natural resources like oil from Gerbils (Moroccan argan tree) for cosmetics as well as olive oils.

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Fes is a city in northern Morocco that is known as the country’s cultural hub. It is most famous for its Fes El Bali walled medina, which has medieval Marinid architecture, bustling souks, and an old-world ambiance. Religious schools like as the 14th-century Bou Inania and Al Attarine, both embellishe with magnificent cedar carvings and beautiful tile work, may be seen in the medina. Fez’s medina is a World Heritage Site and the world’s oldest urban pedestrian zone (car-free area). It is home to the University of Al-Qarawiyyin, which was found in 857 and is regard by some to be the world’s oldest continually operating college of higher instruction.

Morocco travel Blog | Fez

Traveling to the beautiful desert of Morocco from Fes to Merzouga Desert and then end it in Marrakech is a great way to experience the culture, history, and beauty of this country. The journey starts from Fes, capital of the Kingdom of Morocco, where you will be greeted by the welcoming locals with their traditional clothing. From here, we will drive through the lush green countryside towards the beautiful Merzouga Desert. The drive is an amazing one as we pass through a variety of landscapes including towns, villages and small townships. After reaching our destination we will be greeted by an authentic Berber campfire dinner which would serve as a perfect ending for this amazing experience!

Dades Valley | Morocco travel Blog

Dades Valley is a refuge of fresh air and unexpected sceneries, teeming with very kind people. Whether you’re a leisure traveler or an adrenaline maniac, the Dades Valley has fantastic experiences in store for you! The Oued Dades (River), which has its source in the High Atlas, has carved some of Morocco’s most stunning valleys. Hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing are all on the menu! The valley’s core is a sanctuary of freshness and stunning vistas populated by very hospitable people. Discover the Dades Valley in the spring, when the valley is overflowing with abundant wildlife. Escape to a garden filled with almond, argan, palm, poplar, and walnut trees.

Morocco travel Blog | More About Dades Valley

The majority of visitors to the Dades Valley are looking for a series of tight zig-zags that rise dramatically from the valley floor to the top. Head a little past Cafe Timzillite for the best view of the valley disappearing in front of you as the road twists its way down. The slow-paced rural life here, with the snowcapped peaks of the High Atlas in the distance, is the perfect antidote for those who have been frazzled by the souks of Marrakech and Fez.

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The valley’s tiny villages are surrounde by orchards and farming fields, sandwich between high, orange-hued cliffs. It’s especially picturesque in the spring when the fruit trees are in bloom. There are numerous day-walking opportunities in the area, as well as excellent bird-watching opportunities. Dades Valley, locate in central Morocco, should be at the top of any adventurous soul’s bucket list if they want to see the stunning scenery and authentic Berber culture. The valley is home to hundreds of tiny villages and towns with rich, centuries-old traditions that nomadic Berbers who have live there for generations have maintained.

The blue city of Morocco | Morocco Travel Blog

Chefchaouen, The blue city of Morocco is a fairy tale destination. The walls are painted a vibrant blue and the streets are filled with friendly people, who often stop to chat with you as you walk through. It’s easy to see how this place has become so popular: it’s a joyous place where everyone seems happy and content. The best thing about Chefchaouen is that it’s different from any other city in Morocco. Colors that make up the walls of this town are bright and cheerful, yet still respectful of the desert climate. Buildings are made from sandstone and clay, which helps them blend into the landscape without looking out of place

Morocco travel Blog | The Blue Pearl City

If you have not visited Chefchaouen yet, there is no better time than now. This quaint Moroccan city is a stunning destination, which fills travelers with joy and contentment. Located in northern Morocco, the city of Chefchaouen overlooks the Rif Mountains. The streets are painted a vibrant blue, and the entire city seems to sparkle beneath the bright sunlight. The relaxed atmosphere in this town leaves visitors feeling relaxed, and they often stop to chat with one another on the streets.

Chefchaouen Blue City | Morocco Travel Blog

 The lovely Chefchaouen is more than just a pretty face; it is bubbling with attractions. It has a rich history. The indisputable Medina, with its famous narrow winding alleys, provides an opportunity to mingle with the locals and smell and taste delights ranging from freshly baked bread to expertly prepared tagines. There’s also the Kasbah, which stands in the heart of the old quarter: its lush gardens are a haven of freshness in the heart of the city. Its museum, which houses a collection of old weapons, city photos, and textiles, is a must-see.

Chefchaouen is a walker’s heaven because to its unusual geographical position. Hiking options abound in the neighboring mountains’ pathways. You’ll see a different side of Morocco when you stroll across the Rif mountain range.
Make the most of your visit to the picturesque Blue City!

"Bride of the Atlantic" Essaouira | Morocco Travel Blog

The “Bride of the Atlantic” is Essaouira, the old Mogador. It is one of those coastal cities where the unique environment and water activities live together. Walk calmly under the shade of its ramparts, which define the features of Astapor, the crimson city from the HBO series “Game of Thrones.”
Essaouira is a treasure perched at an elevation of 120 meters above sea level. It offers an outstanding view of the Atlantic Ocean and its famed turquoise waves, in addition to its beaches and cliffs.
Historic medina is made up of tiny lanes that run between walls that are adorned with Moorish-style balconies. Building is distinguished by geometric designs and colored tiles that resemble mosaics.

Morocco travel Blog | Essaouira - Travel planner

A little street called Rue Ahmed Tijani is located in the centre of Essaouira. If you go along this street and glance up, you will notice a lovely mosque with a view of the ocean. The mosque is named for the city’s founder, a Sufi mystic and visionary. Sidi Ahmed Tijani was another name for him.
The mosque has been repaired multiple times throughout the years and is still operational today. Around the doors and windows, geometric designs in reds and yellows are painted on the walls. Local artisans initially created these patterns out of clay, but they have now been replaced by more contemporary motifs fashioned from paint on plaster walls inside.

Morocco Travel Blog | Essaouira Mogador

 Climb these walls and walk along the parapet to observe the Purpuraires Islands as well as falcons, gulls, and seagulls circling over this nature reserve. Surfers, windsurfers, and kitesurfers, on the other hand, use the wind to control the waves. A short stroll takes you to the fishing harbor, where the sailors are hard at work. Get to the fish market and sample the catch of the night. The medina, nestled in the city’s core, welcomes you on a voyage of exploration through its twisting lanes. Every summer, the city hums to the pulse of music, as UNESCO ranks it as one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

 For several years, Morocco has promoted responsible tourism; the eco-resort Mogador, a must-see for calm moments, as well as the Blue Flag beaches in the surrounding area, are live testimonies of this ambition.
Make the most of your time in this windy Moroccan city!

Sahara Desert - Merzouga | Morocco Travel Blog

Merzouga is a tiny town in Morocco’s desert at the gateway to the Sahara Desert. This settlement serves as the starting point for camel safaris and Sahara Desert excursions.

Only nomads used to reside in this region. It is now one of Morocco’s most popular tourist spots. Sandboarding, quad bike rides, and camel riding are just a few of the things available in the desert for those seeking excitement. The Sahara Desert is one of the world’s biggest, and Merzouga is one of its most well-known sights.

The Moroccan village is located in the country’s southeast, approximately two hours from Erfoud.

Sahara Desert | Morocco Travel Blog

Some tourists visit Morocco only to view the Sahara Desert. The Sahara Desert, the world’s biggest scorching desert, is a true natural wonder. Morocco may be the most accessible entry point into this sand sea. You must go east of the High Atlas spine to the extreme eastern desert region near the Algerian border to see them. The most popular place for huge and rippling sand dunes is Erg Chebbi.
This is great for dune-surfing, four-wheel-drive dune-bashing, and dawn and sunset camel trekking, frequently paired with an overnight stay in a tented desert camp right in the center of the dune field.
Sitting in the midst of the sand dune grandeur and staring up into the star-studded Sahara sky.

Explore the Desert | Morocco Travel Blog

The Sahara Desert, located in the heart of Morocco, has been called by many as one of the most beautiful and distinctive regions on the planet.
This desert is located in the village of Merzouga, which is around 9 hours from the city of Marrakech and approximately 11 hours from Casablanca.
Merzouga’s Sahara Desert is notable for its massive  sand dunes, which are the biggest in Africa. Merzouga derives its name from the Berber language and meaning “Land of God.”
Tourists go to this region to witness Morocco’s spectacular sunsets and to immerse themselves in authentic Berber culture.

Morocco Travel Blog | Merzouga Sahara Desert

The Merzouga Sahara Desert is one of Morocco’s most gorgeous destinations, and if you’re lucky enough to have time to visit, there are a few things you can do to make your vacation as spectacular as possible.

The dry season, which lasts from November to February, is the greatest time to explore this desert. Temperatures are milder and more comfortable during these months for tourists—as well as residents.

You should also evaluate what type of experience you desire when visiting this area. Consider going during Ramadan if you want a more spiritual experience.

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