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Celebrate New Year's Eve in Fez - A Night of Enchantment

Welcome the New Year in Fez - Captivating Celebrations Await!

New Year’s Eve in Fez

Travelers are invited to take part in a New Year’s celebration unlike any other in Fez, Morocco’s cultural capital. Fez provides a distinctive and alluring location to ring in the New Year in opulence with its rich history, colorful customs, and stunning architecture.

1. Fez - A City of History and Culture

Let’s examine Fez’s allure before getting involved in the activities. Fez, one of the oldest cities in Morocco, has a long history as a hub of culture and spirituality. A UNESCO World Heritage site, its well-preserved medina is home to a variety of ancient sites and bustling souks. While navigating its maze-like passageways, visitors are treated to a trip through time.

2. The Allure of New Year's Eve in Fez

As New Year’s Eve gets closer, Fez comes alive with excitement and happiness. The city celebrates the holidays with customary events and rituals. In the enchanting setting of Fez, residents and guests alike excitedly await the start of the New Year.

3. Planning Your New Year's Trip to Fez

Take into account the ideal time to visit Fez to make the most of your New Year’s experience. The city has warm winters, which makes it a great place to visit during this joyful time. Because Fez welcomes so many visitors for the New Year’s festivities, make your travel arrangements in early.

4. Top New Year's Eve Celebrations in Fez

Fez comes alive on New Year’s Eve with exciting festivities and entertainment. The city’s architectural wonders are illuminated when the clock strikes midnight by captivating pyrotechnics that fill the night sky. Come enjoy traditional music and dance performances with the locals in the center of the medina. Enjoy delectable Moroccan food to get a firsthand experience of the nation’s gastronomic treasures.

5. Exploring the Medina - A Journey Back in Time

Discover Fez’s ancient medina and all of its wonders while you’re there. Visitors may get a look into Fez’s glorious history by walking through the medina’s tiny lanes that lead to historic mosques, palaces, and workshops. Spend some time getting lost in the crowded souks where you may discover a wide variety of spices, fabrics, and handicrafts.

6. Visiting Fez's Architectural Marvels

Fez is recognized for its beautiful architecture, which combines Moroccan and Islamic design elements. Visit the famous Bou Inania Madrasa, which is embellished with dexterous wood carvings and tile work. Discover the beautiful Palais Royale, a palace fit for a king, and the spectacular Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque, one of the oldest colleges in the world.

7. Joining the Countdown at Jnan Sbil Gardens

Visit Jnan Sbil Gardens on New Year’s Eve for a fantastical experience. The verdant gardens act as a tranquil retreat in the middle of the metropolis. People gather in the gardens to celebrate as the clock gets closer to midnight and count down the minutes before the New Year.

8. Embracing Moroccan New Year Traditions

Participate in Moroccan New Year customs with the community. Participate in traditions like gathering with friends and family for a celebratory lunch that includes couscous and tajine. Enjoy unique New Year’s delights like the tasty chebakia biscuit, which is made with honey and sesame.

9. A Night of Joy and Celebration

The streets of Fez come alive with excitement as midnight draws near. Join the joyful mob in mirth, dancing, and revelry. A feeling of harmony and delight is produced by the lively environment and companionship.

10. A Blend of Modern and Ancient Festivities

The New Year’s Eve festivities in Fez find the ideal blend between cutting-edge entertainment and historic traditions. Experience live music and modern dance acts in addition to the beauty of traditional Moroccan festivities.

11. The Beauty of Fez After Dark

Fez’s streets and landmarks are lighted as the night wears on, giving the city a mystical radiance. While exploring the city’s lit streets and architectural marvels, take pictures of the beautiful moments.

12. Safety Tips for New Year's Eve in Fez

It’s crucial to put your safety first while ringing in the new year in Fez. Keep an eye on your surroundings, particularly if you’re in a crowded environment. To guarantee a safe and pleasurable celebration, abide by local regulations and recommendations.

13. Reflecting on the Past Year

Take some time as the New Year approaches to reflect on your life. Accept moments of thankfulness for the learning and development you experienced last year. Set goals for the upcoming year while thinking about the potential outcomes.

14. New Year's Day Explorations

Continue exploring Fez’s afternoon attractions on New Year’s Day. After the evening’s celebrations, unwind and recharge in serene gardens like the Jardin Jnan Sbil and the Andalusian Gardens.

15. Farewell to Fez and New Year's Memories

Keep in mind this fascinating New Year’s event as your stay in Fez draws to a close. Your heart will be left with a lasting sense of Fez’s beauty, history, and kindness. You’ll take with you the spirit of Fez and the wonder of your New Year’s celebration as you say goodbye to the city.


Fez delivers a very magical New Year’s Eve party that combines history, culture, and fun. Enjoy the delight of ringing in the New Year while surrounded by Fez’s alluring beauty. Participate in the celebratory atmosphere that permeates the city’s streets. Fez guarantees a spectacular and enchanting event, whether you want to stroll around the historic medina, watch dazzling fireworks, or indulge in delicious Moroccan cuisine.


1. Is Fez a safe destination for New Year’s Eve celebrations?

  • Although Fez is usually seen to be secure for tourists, it is always advisable to use caution during festivities and adhere to local customs.

2. What are some must-try Moroccan dishes during New Year’s Eve in Fez?

  • Enjoy Moroccan dishes like couscous, tajine, and chebakia while you can.

3. Are there family-friendly celebrations in Fez on New Year’s Eve?

  • Yes, Fez hosts family-friendly events that include pyrotechnics and age-appropriate cultural performances.

4. Can I explore Fez’s attractions during the daytime on New Year’s Day?

  • Absolutely! On New Year’s Day, many of Fez’s attractions are still open, allowing visitors afternoon exploring.

5. When is the best time to visit Fez for the New Year’s celebrations?

  • On December 31, Fez celebrates the start of a new year. Consider visiting at this period if you want to take in the whole festive atmosphere.

Celebrate New Year's Eve in Fez - A Night of Enchantment

Where to Stay in Fez: Exploring the Heart of Morocco
Where to Stay in Fez: Exploring the Heart of Morocco

Celebrate New Year's Eve in Fez - A Night of Enchantment

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