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How to Get to Sahara Desert Morocco?

How to Get to Sahara Desert Morocco


Morocco’s Sahara Desert is a magnificent place famed for its huge stretches of golden sand dunes and alluring scenery. Many adventure seekers have the desire of traveling to the Sahara. However, in order to fully benefit from this unique experience, careful planning and preparation are necessary. In this post, we’ll explain how to go to Morocco’s Sahara Desert and what to anticipate there.

1. Plan Your Trip

Make sure you carefully plan your journey before you leave on your excursion in the Sahara Desert. Here are some significant factors to think about:

1.1 Pick a Good Time to Visit

The Sahara Desert is best visited from October to April, when temperatures are milder. Avoid the summer’s sweltering heat since it can get extremely hot.

1.2 Decide on Your Mode of Transportation

You must first go to Marrakech, a bustling city in Morocco that serves as a gateway to the Sahara Desert. You have a variety of transportation alternatives to select from, depending on your interests and budget

1.3 Pack correctly

The Sahara demands careful planning when packing. Pack breathable, loose-fitting clothes to avoid discomfort in the hot desert. Essentials like sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and good walking shoes shouldn’t be overlooked.

2. Get to Marrakech, Morocco

The world’s largest cities are well-connected to Marrakech, making travel there it simple. The following is how to get there:

2.1 By Air

International flights arrive at Marrakech Menara Airport from a variety of locations. To get to Marrakech without fuss, look for direct flights or planes with reasonable layovers.

2.2 By Train

You may go to Marrakech by rail from places like Casablanca or Rabat if you’re already in Morocco. The Moroccan landscape may be seen in beautiful scenery from the train.

2.3 By Bus

Getting a long-distance bus to Marrakech is an affordable choice. There are several bus lines in Morocco that originate in the country’s major cities.

3. Travel to the Sahara Desert from Marrakech

It’s time to start the second stage of your adventure to the Sahara Desert after you’ve reached Marrakech. There are several choices, each providing a distinctive experience:

3.1 Private Tour

By choosing a personalized tour, you may modify the schedule to suit your needs. You’ll get a qualified guide to yourself, along with a spacious vehicle that allows for flexibility and individualized care. More Info

3.2 Shared Group Tour

A shared group trip may be the best option if you want to share the experience with other tourists. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends while spending less money than on a private trip.

3.3 Drive-Alone

Self-driving to the Sahara is an option for those with a sense of adventure and who value freedom. Rent a 4×4 and explore the expansive desert at your own speed.

4. Experience the Sahara Desert

Your first experience of the Sahara Desert will be one of breathtaking beauty and tranquillity. Here are a few things you should do:

4.1 Camel Trekking


To experience the desert like the ancient nomads, go out on a camel trip. You may really immerse yourself in the desert experience by riding a camel.

4.2 Camp in the Desert

Camping in the desert will allow you to experience a night beneath the stars. Savor authentic Moroccan food while taking in the enchanted atmosphere of the Sahara.

4.3 Skywatching

Because of its isolation, the Sahara is the ideal place to view the stars. Observe a magnificent array of stars that are hardly seen in cities.

5. Important Tips

While traveling, be mindful of the habits and culture of the locals.
Throughout your desert journey, make sure to drink enough of water to stay hydrated.
Take pictures of the beautiful scenery, but also give yourself time to experience the surroundings without a camera.


A visit to Morocco’s Sahara Desert is an unmatched experience that will provide you with lifelong memories. Each and every minute in the desert is an exciting journey, from the golden dunes to the starry evenings. Make smart travel plans, pick the best tour, and take in the Sahara’s captivating splendor.


Q1: Is it safe to visit the Sahara Desert?

  • Yes, as long as you follow the appropriate safety procedures and go with reliable tour companies, visiting the Sahara Desert is typically safe.

Q2: What should I wear in the Sahara Desert?

  • To avoid overheating in the desert, dress comfortably in light, loose-fitting clothes. Remember to include necessities like a hat and sunglasses.

Q3: Are there any age restrictions for camel trekking?

  • People of all ages can go camel trekking. However, take into account the length of the hike and the participants’ physical capabilities.

Q4: Can I see wildlife in the Sahara Desert?

  • Although there isn’t much wildlife in the Sahara, you could see some desert-adapted animals like camels and fennec foxes.

How to Get to Sahara Desert Morocco

How to Get to Sahara Desert, Morocco
How to Get to Sahara Desert, Morocco

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