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Mogador Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

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Spend a full day exploring the Atlantic coastal city of Essaouira from Marrakech. You’ll find a lovely medina, colorful souks, winding alleyways, and a center full with beer gardens and seafood restaurants. Visit the medieval Portuguese citadel of Sekkala. You may tour the city at your own leisure while also stopping at an argan oil cooperative along the route to learn more about the wonders of this oil. Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech


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Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

Essaouira day excursion from Marrakech Pick you up from your lodging in Marrakech and drive you to one of Morocco’s most beautiful cities, a beachfront tiny town with wonderful weather.

You will have some unique roadside experiences before arriving in Essaouira, such as watching goats crawl up and down an argan tree and visiting a cooperative for Berber women that produce argan oil.
When we get to Essaouira, we’ll go on a walking tour to learn about the city’s history and ancient harbor, which is a melting pot of Portuguese, African, and Arabian influences. Take a stroll along the harborfront to see the Skala fortress’s guns and wave-lashed walls.

Explore the jeweler’s district and a complex of handicrafts as well as the municipal market and the medina to learn more about Essaouira’s creative legacy. You’ll have some free time to go grab lunch and explore Essaouira. Explore this city at your leisure, and pick up a few trinkets like locally crafted wooden objects. Drive back to Marrakech at the end of the day and be dropped off at your lodging.

Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech
Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech
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Note :  The Tour Can be Customized Depending on your Needs ( Time , Dates , pick up and drop off locations…ect) Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

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Guide & Tips | Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

This day trip from Marrakech will introduce you to the Atlantic coastal city of Essaouira. In just one day, you’ll go on a walking tour of the medina and enjoy a delicious seafood lunch in a beer garden. Tourists visiting Marrakech frequently make this day trip to the Atlantic coast city of Essaouira. The city is a stunning character, with cobble streets and beautiful orange-roof houses. The medina is line with shops, alleyways and restaurants, while nearby beaches offer calm seas and plenty of opportunities for enjoying the sun on your vacation.

Guide & Tips | Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

The “Bride of the  Atlantic” is Essaouira, the old Mogador. It is one of those coastal cities where the unique environment and water activities live together. Walk calmly under the shade of its ramparts, which define the features of Astapor, the crimson city from the HBO series “Game of Thrones.
Essaouira is a treasure perche at an elevation of 120 meters above sea level. It offers an outstanding view of the Atlantic Ocean and its turquoise waves, in addition to its beaches and cliffs.

Guide & Tips | Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

The historic medina is made up of tiny lanes that run between walls that are adorn with Moorish-style balconies. The building is distinguishe by geometric designs and color tiles that resemble mosaics.

Rue Ahmed Tijani is a modest street in the centre of Essaouira.
If you stroll along this street and look up, you will find a lovely mosque with a view of the ocean. The mosque was name for the city’s founder, a Sufi mystic and visionary.
The mosque has been repaire multiple times throughout the years and is still in use today. The walls are decorate with geometric designs painting in reds and yellows around the doors and windows. These patterns were originally created from clay by local artisans, but they have since been replaced by more contemporary motifs created from paint on plaster walls inside.

Guide & Tips | Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

Climb these walls and walk along the parapet to observe the Purpuraires Islands as well as falcons, gulls, and seagulls circling over this nature reserve. Surfers, windsurfers, and kitesurfers, on the other hand, use the wind to control the waves.

A short stroll takes you to the fishing harbor, where the sailors are hard at work. Get to the fish market and sample the catch of the night. The medina, nestled in the city’s core, welcomes you on a voyage of exploration through its twisting lanes. Every summer, the city hums to the pulse of music, as UNESCO ranks it as one of the world’s most beautiful cities. The Gnaoua festival honors Afro-Maghrebin rhythms, making visitors’ experiences unforgettable.

Guide & Tips | Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

For several years, Morocco has promoted responsible tourism; the eco-resort Mogador, a must-see for calm moments, as well as the Blue Flag beaches in the surrounding area, are live testimonies of this ambition.

Make the most of your time in this windy Moroccan city!

Guide & Tips | Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

From the cliffs of Essaouira, you can view the Atlantic Ocean’s blue waves, which are as transparent as glass. You’ll feel as if you’re looking into a pool of water that has been frozen in time, exactly as you originally saw it.

It’s no surprise that this gem is locate 120 meters above sea level. It’s therefore no surprise that it provides such a spectacular view of both the Atlantic Ocean and its fame turquoise seas.

Guide & Tips | Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

Essaouira is a year-round destination, so don’t worry about the season if you’re planning a vacation; Essaouira welcomes guests all year!

Essaouira’s climate is moderate and arid. It gets roughly 300mm of rain per year and has a mean temperature of 26.4 degrees Celsius. The average yearly humidity in the city is 88%.

The Sqala of the port | Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

Unesco’s global heritage of People The port’s Sqala, which has been open since December 14, 2001, was erecte in 1764 under the reign of Sultan Alaouite Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah. It is locate southwest of the city and consists of a fortifie platform 200 meters long with two wings that connect at right angles. One wing is position on both sides of the magnificent navy door, while the other wing rises over a collection of properties that were originally using to store soldiers, munitions, and water supplies.
The port’s Sqala has a collection of bronze cannons from the Iberian Peninsula.

Essaouira Nearby| Sidi Kaouki | Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

Sidi Kaouki is a tiny village 25 kilometers south of Essaouira. It is a rural commune in Morocco’s Essaouira Province, part of the Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz area. The commune had a total population of 4335 people living in 902 homes at the time of the 2004 census. it is quickly becoming one of Morocco’s most popular surf and windsurfing sites. 

Surfing in Sidi Kaouki | Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

There are a variety of surf sports available, including beach breaks and reef breaks, which provide punchy peaks and well formed waves. It is also a wonderful area for kite surfing because the wind is stronger than in other surrounding locations such as Essaouira.

Surfing in Sidi Kaouki | Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

Sidi Kaouki is an exposed beach break with consistent surf that works all year. The swell increases in the winter, and this is the best time to surf near Sidi Kaouki.
With offshore winds flowing from the east/southeast, the beaches often experience a combination of ground and wind waves. The best swell direction is north-east, and the beach breaks provide both lefts and rights.
Sidi Kaouki Plage, Maribou, La Grotte, La Couronne, Secret Spot, L’Qued, Imsouane, and Taghinsa are among the nearby surfing places.

Kite surfing in Sidi Kaouki | Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

Sidi Kaouki is a popular site among the increasing kitesurfing community. The site is blessed with strong and steady winds, and the big open sandy beach is ideal for launching and landing. Sidi Kaouki is wonderful for freestyle, but the clean and long rolling waves make it a perfect site for wavekiters.

La Grotte, Moulay, Imsouane, Essaouira Bay, and the “2nd Beach” at Ord Omar are some of the most popular kitesurfing places near Sidi Kaouki and along this coast.

Essouira Medina | Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

Many modest arts and crafts companies are located in the medina, including cabinet manufacturing and ‘thuya’ wood carving (using Tetraclinis tree roots), both of which have been practiced in Essaouira for decades.

The fishing harbour, which is competing with Agadir and Safi, remains modest, despite the fact that the catches (sardines, conger eels) are unexpectedly numerous due to the coastal upwelling created by the strong trade winds and the Canaries Current. Essaouira is still one of Morocco’s major fishing ports.

Essouira Medina | Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

Kitesurfing and windsurfing are also popular in Essaouira, because to the tremendous trade wind that blows nearly consistently onto the sheltered, practically waveless harbor. Several world-class clubs lend out top-tier equipment on a weekly basis. Sidi Kaouki, located 25 kilometers south of Essaouira, is quickly becoming one of Morocco’s greatest spots for surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. There are various enterprises in Sidi Kaouki that lend out equipment.

Essaouira is also a major producer of argan oil. It has become a tourist attraction due to the region’s unique tree-climbing goats, as argan trees are the only type the goats climb.

Essouira Culture | Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

Essaouira promotes itself as a culturally rich city, with several modest art galleries scattered across the city. The Gnaoua Festival of World Music has been held in Essaouira since 1998, usually in the last week of June. It brings artists from all around the world together. Despite its concentrate on gnaoua music, it also contains rock, jazz, and reggae. It is known as the “Moroccan Woodstock” and lasts four days, attracting over 450,000 spectators each year.

Jewish presence in Essaouira | Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

Moroccan Jews were invited by Mohammed III to settle in the town and conduct commerce with Europe. Jews used to make up the bulk of the population, and the Jewish quarter (or mellah) is home to numerous historic synagogues. There is also a huge Jewish cemetery in town. The city thrived until the caravan trade was replaced by direct European shipping commerce with Sub-Saharan Africa. Trade changes, the establishment of Israel, the ensuing conflicts with Arab states, and Morocco’s independence all led in Sephardic Jews fleeing the country. Essaouira had only three Jewish residents in 2017. On January 15, 2020, King Mohammed VI paid a visit to Essaouira’s “Bayt Dakira,” a Jewish heritage home.

Geography of Essaouira | Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

The natural harbor that protects Essaouira from wave action is partially covered by the Iles Purpuraires. A large sandy beach continues south of Essaourira from the port, where the Oued Ksob empties into the sea; south of the discharge is the archaeological ruin, the Bordj El Berod. The Canary Current is responsible for the overall southern migration of ocean circulation, which has resulted in improved local fisheries. Diabat is located around five kilometers (3.1 miles) south of Essaouira, directly south of the Oued Ksob.

Geography of Essaouira | Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

The N1 road connects Essaouira to Safi to the north and Agadir to the south, while the R 207 road connects it to Marrakech to the east. There is a tiny airport about 7 to 8 kilometers (4 to 5 miles) from town that has several flights each week to Paris-Orly, London-Luton, and Brussels-South (Charleroi), as well as daily flights to Casablanca.

Argan Tree & Oil | Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

Moroccan goats only climb trees where the argan tree thrives. Argan trees produce valuable nuts that are prized by the cosmetics business worldwide, but the Moroccan tree goat prefers those nuts even more.

Tips about Argan | Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

Argan oil is a plant oil derived from the kernels of the native Moroccan argan tree (Argania spinosa L.). Its oil is used in Morocco to dip bread in for breakfast or to sprinkle over couscous or spaghetti. It is also utilized in the cosmetic industry.

Argan Oil | Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

In Morocco, the oil is using in cooking, such as dipping bread, salad dressings, or over couscous. Amlu, a thick brown substance with a viscosity comparable to peanut butter, is use as a bread dip in the region. It is made by first crushing roaste almonds and argan oil with stones, then combining the argan oil and almonds with honey.

Argan | Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

Argan oil has been extensively using in cosmetics and hair care products since the early 2000s. Face creams, lip glosses, shampoos, moisturizers, and soaps are the primary cosmetics items using argan oil as of 2020.

Extraction is critical to the manufacturing process. Workers first dry the argan fruit in the open air before removing the fleshy pulp to obtain the kernels. Some manufacturers mechanically remove the meat without drying the fruit. Moroccans commonly give the flesh to their animals. In some Moroccan regions, goats are allowed to climb argan trees and feast freely on the fruits. The kernels are subsequently extracted from the goat droppings, significantly lowering extraction labor at the price of some potential gustatory aversion. Peels are removed by hand in current technique.

Argan Tree & Oil | Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

Workers carefully roast kernels to be used in the production of culinary argan oil. Workers mill and press the argan kernels once they have cooled. The dark mash exudes pure, unfiltered argan oil. Finally, unfiltered argan oil is decanted into containers. The residual press cake is high in protein and is commonly used as cow feed.

One to three oil-rich argan kernels are found in each argan nut. Depending on the process, extraction delivers 30% to 50% of the oil in the kernels. One litre of oil requires around 40 kilograms (88 pound) of dried argan fruit.

Travel Guide | Argan Tree & Oil | Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

Argan oil production has historically had a social purpose. Currently, its production supports over 2.2 million people in the Arganeraie, the largest argan oil-producing region.

A handful of women’s co-operatives now generate the majority of argan oil. The UCFA (Union des Cooperatives des Femmes de l’Arganeraie), co-sponsored by the Social Development Agency and supported by the European Union, is Morocco’s largest union of argan oil co-operatives. It consists of 22 co-operatives located around the area.

Guide Tips | Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

Despite working long hours, women often earn less than US$221 (£170 stg) per month (and as little as US$50), which is less than Morocco’s approved national minimum wage. Zoubida Charrouf, a chemistry professor at Mohammed V University in Rabat, is a proponent of greater pay and the author of studies on its health advantages. She claims that some businesses pay drivers to bring visitors to their facilities in order to sell them oil rather than pay their employees correctly. Morocco’s agricultural minister has requested Charrouf’s assistance in pushing businesses to join trade associations and promise to paying employees the minimum wage.

Morocco| Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

Essaouira Day trip From Marrakech
Essaouira Day trip From Marrakech
Essaouira Day trip From Marrakech
Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech